How to fight against prejudice
prejudice can be found at any time and in any society. people have prejudice about another race, religion,
nation and even about people who look different from them. it is known that prejudice appears when there is
a lack of knowledge. that's because not enough knowledge leads to a generalization, which is the root of
every prejudice. once people establish their general judgment about one particular group of people, they tend
to keep their beliefs alive by ignoring facts that might spoil their judgment. they don't want to learn, because
learning is generally hard and, what is more dangerous, it might also destroy their beliefs. people with
prejudice never compare one individual to another, but one whole group to another group. but, what if there
is nothing to compare?
imagine yourself in a foreign country, far enough to present big cultural differences between you and
inhabitants of that country. what would happen with any prejudice you might have? could it still exist? if
there is nothing to compare your prejudice will simply disappear because it will become invalid.
next time, when you find yourself in a situation in which you have to fight against prejudice, try to imagine
people of that group isolated from the others. that way you can successfully fight against any prejudice.

a) is prejudice a recent issue?
b) what kinds of prejudice are mentioned in the text? what other kinds of
prejudice do you know about?
c) according to the text, what is the root of every prejudice? do you agree with it?
d) should we generalize and stereotype people? why (not)?
e) what advice is given in the last paragraph? do you think it's good advice?
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